Making biodiesel from palm oil introduction

2024-06-17 HUATAI

Utilizing palm oil to produce biodiesel is characterized by taking 60% palm oil and 40% methanol in a weight ratio, adding 5% industrial sulfuric acid and 1% phosphoric acid with a concentration of 98%, heating and stirring for 1-2 hours, and controlling the temperature at 60-60 70 degrees, then precipitate for 12-24 hours; continue to add denatured alcohol, heat and stir for 1-2 hours, control the temperature at 60-70 degrees, and then precipitate for 12-24 hours; take the supernatant and add 3-10% hydrogen peroxide , then add 0.5-2% benzoyl peroxide, heat and stir for 0.5-2 hours, control the temperature at 80-90 degrees; finally settle and filter. The liquid discharged during the production process is neutral, and the lubrication properties of biodiesel are It has good low-temperature engine starting performance and is a promising new energy source.

Based on the oleochemical industry, the palm oil factory further extends to the biodiesel industry, which meets the development needs of the biodiesel industry at home and abroad. Oleochemicals such as biodiesel have excellent combustion properties. Biodiesel has a higher cetane number than diesel. The fuel has better combustion and anti-knock properties when used. Therefore, engines with higher compression ratios can be used to improve their thermal efficiency. In addition, biodiesel is non-volatile, non-toxic and biodegradable. It can be used as a solvent additive in pesticides, inks, oil fields and other fields to replace traditional petrochemical solvents and additives. It is a good intermediate in There is a broad market space in fine chemicals. The development of biodiesel and other oleochemical industries is of great strategic significance for sustainable development, promoting energy substitution, easing environmental pressure, and reducing pollution.

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