Palm kernel oil extraction

Palm kernel oil extraction

Palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil derived from the kernel of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis. Palm kernel nut, a bye-product from the palm oil mill plant. The palm kernel nuts can be sourced from farmers after extracting the oil from the fruits in vollages or from palm oil producing companies. Henan Huatai palm kernel oil mill supplier has designed and developed palm kernel cracking and separating machine which can be used for cracking and separating palm kernel nuts.  It consists of palm kernel nuts cracking machine and palm nuts kernel separator machine. The palm nuts cracking machine is mainly applicable for dividing the palm kernels into the outer hard shell with high efficiency. The separating machine is for separating the palm nuts kernels from the cracked shells clearly and completely.  After palm kernel cracaking and separating machine, we can use palm kernel oil expeller  to extract palm kernel oil from palm kernel.

TypePalm Kernel Oil Extraction
Processing MaterialPalm Kernel
Extraction EquipmentCrusher, Dryer, Oil Expeller

For most oilseeds, the pressed cake is leached during processing in order to reduce the oil content in the oil cake. In palm oil production, oil cake is usually rarely leached because what is obtained after pressing the palm fruit is palm core and There is very little residual oil in the fiber mixture, so there is no need to leaching the pressed cake to increase the oil yield. Moreover, the palm core can also be deeply processed to extract palm kernel oil, so the mechanical pressing method is basically sufficient to process palm oil.

Palm Kernel Extraction Processes

Mechanical extraction processes are suitable for both small and large capacity palm kernel oil extraction operations, the basic steps in palm kernel oil extraction steaming, shelling, crushingpressing, frying, blending, palm kernel oil extraction, filtration.


Working process of palm kernel oil extraction line

1. Palm kernel fiber and core separation:First, in the fiber and core separation section, the fibers and core are separated through special equipment to reduce wear and improve the processing efficiency of subsequent processes. Next, the palm kernels are divided into large kernels and small kernels through the kernel classification section for more adequate processing in the kernel shell separation section.

2. Palm kernel crushing equipment:Palm kernels generally need to be crushed twice, one crushing: because the palm kernel is relatively large and hard, in order to better improve the oil yield, it needs to be crushed first. Secondary crushing: mainly to break the palm kernel into small pieces for easy oil extraction.

3. Palm kernel shell separation equipment:The palm kernel nut are separated according to the size, convenient for subsequent cracking,enter the cracker to separate the shell of the palm kernel from the kernel nut.

4. Palm kernel drying equipment:Fresh palm kernels contain 20% moisture, and the moisture content of palm kernels must be reduced to less than 7% in order to store them.

5. Palm kernel steaming and frying equipment:Mainly through heating and steaming and frying, the palm kernel can achieve good oil production conditions, so that more high-quality palm kernel oil can be obtained.

6. Palm kernel oil press equipment:The palm kernel oil press is the same as the conventional oil press and can be used in general. Through pressing, we can get crude palm kernel oil.

7. Palm kernel oil filtration equipment:Crude palm kernel oil contains a lot of impurities, and palm kernel oil filtration equipment can enable us to obtain higher quality palm kernel oil.

Working process of palm kernel oil extraction line


Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant Display

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Plant

Application: High Efficiency Crude Kernel Oil Pressing & Extraction With Low Oil Residual.

Factors Affecting Effect of Palm Kernel Oil Extraction

  • Fit for mass production of palm kernel oil extraction;
  • High oil extraction rate, low oil residual in meal and high quality of meal;
  • Filter Cloth Air Permeability (400, 600 L/dm2/min);
  • Less maintenance;

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