Set Up Palm Oil Plant Solution

Palm fruit and palm oil brief introduction

Palm tree production

136 trees/Ha=20-23t FFB/Ha/year

CPO = 4-5t/Ha/year

CPKO = 1t/Ha/year

15-20 bunches/tree/year

FFB = 1000-3000 Fruits

FFB = 10-25kg


Weight of a fruit = 8-13g

Hot sale palm oil 

a highly versatile vegetable oil

used in many food and non-food products

produced in tropical countries

rapidly growing in market share

the world’s top selling vegetable oil

highly versatile, being used in more than half of packaged supermarket products today

Main Palm Oil Processing Section Process


Fresh fruit bunch reception station(FFB)

The raw fresh fruit bunch enter the factory  by the truck, first measure by the weight bridge.Then unload the material into the storage hopper, through the electric valve controle enter the fruit basket. The fruit basket with ridding wheel(a group is about 10 pcs), can convey the material by the traction of the railway.

Sterilization station

The material convey by the railway into the sterilizer, open the steam system to sterilize the material in high temperature, destroy the lipase activity, then send to the next section-threshing section. To recycle the liquor condensate of the sterilizer, then discharge into the slag discharging pit in the following section. The sterilizer steam discharging set with silencer system, to reduce the noise pollution.


The sterilized material send into the elevator by the tip lorry, elevate into the thresher. Under the function of the fight stick,the fruit separate with the empty fruit shell. The fruit convey to the next elevator by the screw conveyor. The empty fruit shell convey to the specific places to process by the conveyor and loader.


Stir the fruit while cooking again Pressing   : The pulp stone separation obtained CPO and stone, press machine adopts the double screw helix Continuous discharge and Hydraulic, greatly improving production efficiency.

Clarification station

The oil and the sludge taken out separately (by 90% pure oil) is taken out of the oil containing 45% -55% of the water, sludge and other things.

Purification: oil purification process - improving pure

Drying: Continuous Vacuum Drier with the oil out of the water, the water can be reduced to 0.1%.

Kernel recovery station

The pressed cake(contain the nut) send to sheller by the crushing conveyor. By the wind action separate the fibrous residue and the nut. Through the cyclone separator discharge the fiber into the conveyor, convey for storage.And with kernel and the impurity coming out from the sheller send into the work bin for store by the roll miller and conveyor.Send to the boiler workshop as fuel by the conveyor and quantitative control system.

The use of diesel powered generators and turbine generators, more environmentally friendly energy production and electricity consumption to power.

Has a strong output, high thermal efficiency, stable and reliable operation, overload capacity, fuel, wide applicability, environmental protection and many other advantages.

Source water piping (RAW WATER SUPPLY): the use of remote substation technology, more energy, improve production efficiency

Water Treatment: After settling, filtration, dosing and other processes to ensure that the water quality, but also to ensure oil quality.

Auxiliary production facilities


1. Weighbridge room

To weight the original auxiliary materials, the intermediate product and the finished product. According to the design scale and usage maintain condition, choose the SCS type(Without foundation pit type) ground scale, the detailed design locate at the production door of the factory, and build a weighbridge room, using for monitoring and weighing. 

2. Factory tracks

Using for the palm fruit conveying, this project advice set 2 lines.

3. Load and unload platform 

When the palm fruit enter the factory, send to process.

4. Oil tank area 

Oil tank area divide into factory oil tank area and port oil tank area. The factory oil tank mainly using for the palm oil temporary storage, the total store capacity is , 2000m3  1 sets, each store capacity is 2000m3. Besides set a oil pump room, using for the oil truck loading and measuring. The port oil tank mainly use for the crude oil reception, measurement and sending. The oil tank store capacity is 2000m3, using for the palm oil outward transport store and turnover. This area has 10 oil tanks, each store capacity is 3000m3.

5. Laboratory

The product quality test has the import function in guiding the production and controlling product control. According to the analysis result of the material and the product, can choose the reasonable material process way and condition, and know the product quality in the craft process. So the laboratory analysis is the edificial tool of the material and product quality determined,  price assess and production guide, it the important part of the factory. This project design, the laboratory not only has the necessary oil analysis instrument, but also has the instrument for boiler water quality analysis, environment protection and monitoring.


The maintenance workshop divide into the cars, pliers, drilling, welding and other craft. To meet the basic maintenance in the daily production. All the equipment is made in China, with excellent mechanical performance and accuracy stable lasting.

7.Waste water treatment station 

In the palm oil processing can produce the waster water contain the COD and BOD. It must be treated before discharging, the waster water is setting for this purpose. 

The waster oil produced in the processing not only contain the oil, but also contain the COD and BOD, it is the high concentrated organic wastewater, so it has to be treated before discharging out of the factory. The harmful matter content in the waste water as follows:

COD                       5000mg/l

BOD                       15000mg/l

Suspended solid      7000mg/l

Plant Oils                 300mg/l

PH                            4~5

Temperature            80~90℃

 Wastewater quantity

According to calculation, this project can produce about 250 ton waster water per day. 

 Emission standard

Water after handling reach the “integrated wastewater discharge standard” standard:

COD              120mg/l                         Oil               20mg/l

BOD               30mg/l                          SS                30mg/l

pH                  6-9 

The waster water discharging from the palm oil factory is the high concentration organic wastewater. This kind organic wastewater handling use the combination method of chemical method and biological method. First adopt the coagulation method remove the large number suspended solids and other impurities, then use the biological method remove the organics in the water. Chemical method we adopt the gas flotation method, biological method we adopt the anaerobic aerobic biological packing method to process. Anaerobic tower mainly used in acid hydrolysis stage, make the anaerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria broken down the complex degradation-resistant  organics into simpler organisms, then adopt the contact oxidation method remove the organics in the water. Contact oxidation method utilize the microorganism on the packing film contact with the organics and Dissolved Oxygen in the wastewater. Make the organics decomposition, so purify the wastewater. Not only the bio-film on the packing react, but also the slurry microorganism react, so the biological contact oxidation treatment effect is better than the general biological membrane method.Biological packed tower using ceramsite as filler, can remove the Residual pollutants further, mainly remove the COD, BOD, chromaticity and other organic matter.

This process craft is tertiary treatment, after primary air-flotation treatment, the COD can reduce about 80%, and BOD reduce about 60%. After secondary anaerobic digestion and contact oxidation, both the COD and BOD can reduce 80%-90%, after tertiary treatment biological packed tower, all the indexes can meet the national effluent discharge standard.

Power engineering design

Fuel supply

Fuel mainly in the production process use by-product - fiber, waste recycling, at the same time also meet production requirements.

Water supply

After the completion of the project, the daily water need is about 1387 tons, the main using in the boiler workshop and palm oil workshop, water supply is the river near the river, after water treatment system, make it meet the production requirements.The factory also has a water reservoir, so that when water supply disruption or insufficient to ensure normal production and fire needs.

 Power supply

This project adopts the boiler steam power generation, power generating capacity is 630 kva, to meet the requirements of production and life.

 Heating supply

Using the boiler steam to power generation, power plant steam for production, waste heat utilization

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