Flow Chart of Crude Palm Oil Refining system

2024-06-24 HUATAI

Technology Flow Chart of Refining system:

Crude Oil → Degumming → Dewater → Decolor → Deacid → De-odorizing → Fine Filetring → Refined Oil → Oil Filling / Bottling → Final Product

Technology Flow Chart of Crude Palm Oil Refining system:

1. Degumming and Deacidification Section Palm oil degumming and deacidification section uses washing method to separate soap residual from mixing oil, providing preparation for next step palm oil refinery process.

2. Bleaching Section in palm oil refineryPalm oil bleaching section is mainly used to remove oil pigment, residual soap and metal ions during palm oil milling process.

3. Deodorization Section in palm oil refineryPalm oil deodorization section composes of part of crude palm mill plant processing equipment. It plays important part in improving oil quality after crude palm oil process.


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