Deodorize process in crude palm oil refinery plant

2024-06-13 HUATAI

Deodorize process in crude palm oil refinery plant

Pure triglyceride fatty acid esters are colorless and odorless, but natural oils and fats have their own special smell (also called odor).

The smell is a product of oxidation, which is further oxidized to form peroxy compounds, which decompose into aldehydes, thus giving the oil its smell. In addition, odors are also produced during the oil production process, such as solvent smell, soap smell, earthy smell, etc. The process of removing the unique odor (odor-producing substances) of oil is called "deodorization" of oil. Deodorization of leached oil (called "desolvation" when the process parameters do not meet the deodorization requirements) is very important. Before deodorization, hydration, alkali refining and decolorization must be carried out to create good deodorization conditions, which is conducive to the residual solvents in the oil and Removal of other odors. Deodorization methods There are many deodorization methods, including vacuum steam deodorization, gas blowing, hydrogenation and polymerization. Vacuum steam deodorization method is widely used at home and abroad and has the best effect. The vacuum steam deodorization method is a process in which superheated steam (under vacuum conditions) is used to remove odorous substances in oil in a deodorization pot. The principle of vacuum steam deodorization is that water vapor passes through the grease containing odorous components, vapor-liquid contact, the water vapor is saturated with the volatilized odor components, and is selected and removed according to its partial pressure ratio.

Deodorization means that the bleaching oil is sucked into the deodorization tower and heated. When the oil is added to more than 100 degrees, the steam will take away all kinds of flavor. Deodorization can not only remove the odorous substances in the crude oil, increase the smoke point of the oil, improve the flavor of the oil, but also effectively remove impurities.


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