Palm Oil Bleaching Process in Crude Palm Oil Refinery Processing

2024-06-13 HUATAI

Various oils have different colors because they contain different pigments. For example, chlorophyll makes oil appear dark green; carotene makes oil appear yellow; during storage, sugars and proteins decompose and make oil appear brown; gossypol makes cottonseed oil appear dark brown. In the refining method described above, although part of the pigments in the oil can be removed at the same time, it cannot reach a satisfactory level. Therefore, for the production of high-grade oils and fats - salad oil, cosmetic oil, light-colored paint, light-colored soap and margarine, the color must be light. Only the refining method mentioned above cannot meet the requirements and must be decolorized. The processing can be done as desired. Methods for decolorizing oils include solar decolorization (also known as oxidation method), chemical bleaching(decolorization), heating and adsorption methods, etc.


The most widely used is the adsorption method, which is to add certain substances with strong adsorption capacity (acidic activated clay, fuller's earth, activated carbon, etc.) to oil, and absorb and remove pigments and other impurities (protein, mucus, resin, etc.) in the oil under heating. categories and soaps, etc.). Process flow: Intermittent decolorization is a process in which oil and adsorbent complete the decolorization process through one adsorption equilibrium in an intermittent state. The decolorized oil is transferred to the decolorization tank through the storage tank. After being heated and dried under vacuum, it is fully contacted with the adsorbent sucked in from the adsorbent tank under stirring to complete the adsorption balance. Then, it is pumped by the oil pump into the filter press to separate the adsorbent after cooling. After filtration, the decolorized oil is collected into the storage tank and transferred to the deodorization process by vacuum suction or oil pump. The adsorbent filter cake in the filter press is transferred to the treatment tank to recover the residual oil.

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