Large Palm Oil Processing Line Steps

2024-06-10 HUATAI

Large Palm Oil Processing Line Steps

FFB Processing - sterilization - Fruit thresh - mashing - pressing of crude oil - refining - finished palm oil

FFB Processing : Clean the picked palm fruits to remove surface sediment and impurities.

Sterilization section: Fresh palm fruits are transported to the sterilization tank and sterilized using pressurized steam, and steam is introduced into the sterilization tank for high-temperature cooking. On the one hand, it can destroy the lipase in the pulp to prevent the free fatty acid content in the oil from increasing. On the other hand, high-temperature sterilization can soften the fruit, facilitate mechanical fruit removal, and reduce damage to palm fruits.

Fruit thresh section: Send the sterilized palm fruit bunches into the fruit-removing machine. After being vibrated, beaten and screened by the fruit-removing machine, the palm fruits and fruit bunches are separated. The palm fruits enter the crushing section, and the empty fruit bunches are recycled as fertilizer or fuel.

Digest section: After being stirred and squeezed by the crusher, the palm fruits are pounded into a paste, which helps to improve the efficiency of palm oil squeezing.

Palm Oil Pressing section: The mashed palm fruit is transported to the oil press and pressed by the oil press to obtain palm crude oil, which is then separated and filtered through a vibrating separation screen to separate impurities such as oil residue mixed in the palm crude oil.

Palm Oil Refining section: Crude Palm oil is easily hydrolyzed by itself to generate more free fatty acids, and its acid value increases rapidly, so it must be refined or fractionated in time. After the above-mentioned primary stage of extraction, crude palm oil is sent to a refining plant for refining. After removing free fatty acids, natural pigments, and odors from the crude palm oil, it becomes refined palm oil.

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