Huatai Palm oil fractionation and extraction process section

2024-06-10 HUATAI

Huatai Palm oil fractionation and extraction process section:

Palm Oil Fractionation Process flow: heating section, crystallization section, filtration section

Oils and fats are composed of triglycerides with different melting points. Separating hard fat and soft fat with different melting points at the required temperature is fractionation. Different uses have different requirements for the hard fat and soft fat content of palm oil. The soft fat content affects the stability of palm oil. The lower the content, the longer the storage time. The stearin content affects the clarity of palm oil. The higher the content, the turbid the oil will be. The separated soft fat (liquid palm oil) can be sold on the market, and hard fat (solid palm oil) can replace the raw materials of cocoa butter and margarine.

Palm oil is widely used in food processing because it has a unique advantage - a relatively high content of saturated fatty acids. Common vegetable oils in our daily life generally have low saturated fatty acid content, so they have low melting points and are liquid at room temperature. But palm oil is unique. Its saturated fatty acid content is as high as about 50%. It is solid or semi-solid at room temperature. It has good thermal stability, is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and has a relatively good taste.


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