Palm Oil Used Widely, Palm Oil Soap Making, Palm Oil Fractionation

2024-06-04 HUATAI

Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature, and its consistency and melting point depend largely on the free fatty acid content. Palm oil with low acid value is often called soft oil in the market, while oil with high acid value is called hard oil.

1. Contains more saturated fatty acids. It has good stability, is not prone to oxidative deterioration, and has a high smoke point, so it is very suitable for fried foods.

2. Palm oil can be fractionated to separate solid fat from liquid fat. The solid fat can be used to replace expensive cocoa butter as margarine and shortening; the liquid fat can be used as cold or cooking oil, and its taste is light and refreshing. A large amount of unfractionated palm oil is used in the soap making industry. Soap produced from palm oil can produce long-lasting foam and has strong stain removal ability.

3. Palm oil is rich in vitamin A (500-700ppm) and vitamin E (500-800ppm). In order to further improve the nutritional value of palm oil, research on increasing its unsaturated fatty acid content has been actively carried out, and foreign countries have achieved certain results in this regard.

Fresh palm kernel oil is milky white or slightly yellow, has a solid consistency, and has a lovely walnut aroma. Palm kernel oil is easily oxidized and decomposed during storage, and its smell becomes pungent.


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