Palm Oil Deodorization Equipment-Deodorization Tower

2024-06-04 HUATAI

Tray deodorization tower - deodorization of edible vegetable oils has a history of decades in my country. Deodorization devices have developed from carbon steel deodorization tanks to plate-type continuous deodorization towers (single shell) and tray-type deodorization towers (multi-layer shells). body). In recent years, packed deodorization towers and combined deodorization towers have been launched.

Packed deodorization tower - Packed deodorization tower integrates deodorization, fatty acid spray recovery and delayed thermal decolorization, making the equipment compact in structure, small in surface area, low in heat loss, easy to install and operate, and saving raw materials for manufacturing equipment. The workshop layout is neat and uniform. It is a relatively advanced deodorization tower.

Combined deodorization tower - For large-volume physical refining of oils, it is crucial to carry out the first fatty acid flash evaporation of high acid value oils, which will directly affect the quality of the final product. Therefore, the combined deodorization tower has its unique advantages at this time.

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